Madonna della Rosa Gallery Wrapped Canvas


GWC-940 Madonna of the Roses



Traditional Catholic art gains a compelling new medium in gallery wrap canvas.  Canvases featuring this modern art trend combine special printing technology and the technical skill of our Steubenville craftsmen to carefully wrap and tuck the canvas around the back of a 3/4″ thick engineered wood mount. This method creates an impressive visual display with a faux 3D effect as the image continues around all visible sides of the mount.  The canvas is free of visible staples or tacks and stands alone with no need for a frame.  Each canvas hangs with a wire in the back and has an attractive satin-matte finish.     Our gallery wrapped canvas of Madonna della Rosa – “Madonna of the Rose” – from the 16th century, most commonly attributed to the Italian artist Raphael, depicts the humanity of the Holy Family. The Virgin Mary holds a bare Child Jesus, who is playfully pulling a scroll (assumed to proclaim “Ecce Agus Dei,” “Behold the Lamb of God) from young St. John the Baptist. All eyes of the Holy Family are upon John, who is paving the way for the Salvation of Christ with a reed cross in his hand. However, an onlooker’s gaze is drawn back to Jesus, through the extension of John and Jesus’ arms, and ultimately rests on the scroll that they both hold on to. The painting receives its title from the singular rose on the table at the bottom of the scene. Humorously enough, through x-rays and research, the rose has been found to be an addition to the original painting. It is currently on display in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.    A simple, neat, and beautiful way to adorn your home, office, or parish – or even to give as a gift to a friend, relative, or priest. Handcrafted at our shop in Steubenville, OH.   ( GWC-940 )