Forgiven (Participant’s Workbook)-Catholic Faith Explorers


Format: Paperback ISBN 978-1-93258-916-0



Description Forgiven – Understanding the Healing Power of Confession
None of us like to admit our faults. It’s much easier to make excuses for our failings or simply deny them. Yet excuses and denials do not make our failings go away, rather they distance us further from those we have injured and most importantly from God. God understands our natural human tendencies and never wants us to be separated from us. That is why he has given his people specific ways to repent from sin. Jesus instituted the sacrament of confession so that we can experience God’s abundant mercy and restore our relationship with him.
With Forgiven, in the Participant’s Workbook edition of the Catholic Faith Explorers series you will learn:
how sin entered the world through Adam and Eve
God has always wanted us to accept responsibility for our mistakes
the Old and New Testament shows how God has given his people specific rituals to confess and repent from sin
why Jesus gave Peter the power to bind and loose sin on earth
the power of confessing our sins, and
how to prepare for the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. For more information on the Catholic Faith Explorers Series, click here

Size: 8.5 x 11 Pages: 25