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Welcome to ApostleShop.  The beginning of our store has much to do about helping spread the word about the great blessings that the Lord provides to people.  They may not even realize it, just as we didn’t.

My wife and I started ApostleShop a few years after we created WiseWala, Inc.  WiseWala is a web design company that has since moved into other areas of providing internet, or web services as well.  WiseWala, Inc. is doing well, however, Keri and I wanted to branch out into something else as well, and seen the need for offering a Christian store, that is not only a store, but will provide our visitors with an overall Christian experience.  Our blog will have positive news, and most of it with Christian flair, and the products we do offer will be spiritually based as well.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience on our site.  Come back often, and help spread the gift of God to everyone.  My wife and I are truly blessed with our family, our friends, our life, and now, having you stop by and take a gander of what we have to offer.  Thank You!

Paul Zuwala

President, WiseWala, Inc.

Our History

ApostleShop is born! With the guidance again by a lot of prayer.  We are here.  Keri and I got discouraged by all of the christian shops closing, and we wanted a way that we could offer those items, and also offer positive christian news, posts, and opinions on our blog.  Thank You, here is to more and more growth going forward.  God is GREAT!

After opening different sites, re creating them, and also creating new sites and services for our clients, we decided we wanted to do more.  More in terms of promoting our Christian Faith, and allowing people to come back every day for a great experience.  While still keeping our base of customers satisfied of course.

As the prayers kept going, new ideas started to flourish inside of us.With great customers coming in from word of mouth, our company is rising.  Getting into mobile communication and design, as well as trying to incorporate good faithful support to our customers while growing to more and more states nationwide.  God is good!

WiseWala, Inc. (our parent company) began in 2013, on a lot of prayers, and a lot of hope.  We had a lot to learn, and are still learning about the ways and means of providing the best overall design for our clients.

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