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Pope Francis: Taking care of the sick, a reminder of Christian grace

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Monday received the Italian League for the Fight against Tumors, stressing the importance of accompanying families and those on the margins on the path of prevention and cure.

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Thanking those gathered for their commitment, Pope Francis told them that their  work was a very useful tool of awareness and training, adding that there was a real need to promote  a culture of life, based on attitudes and behaviors.

The League’s commitment to the fight against cancerous tumours is based mainly on three fronts: primary prevention in the form of lifestyle, promotion of a culture of early diagnosis and rehabilitation and social reintegration with attention to the family unit.

In particular the Pope noted, that families need to be accompanied on a path of prevention; A path he said, that involves the various generations.

But he also said, that  equally valuable was the collaboration of volunteers from the league who provide assistance to families, so that they can continue their everyday lives.

Another aspect the Holy Father touched on was the pastoral help of the ecclesial community who are called by vocation and mission, he observed to be at the service of  those who suffer.

During his discourse the Pope stressed the importance of helping those on the peripheries of society who have to deal with a disease like cancer, saying that every Christian filled with a desire to do good, “is a conscious instrument of grace.”

In conclusion, Pope Francis said that “Taking care”, of the sick was an invaluable wealth for society and was a reminder to  the entire civil and ecclesial community of the importance of  offering support, comfort and tenderness.



(from Vatican Radio)

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Pope Francis gives special greeting to sick and disabled at Audience

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis greeted the many sick and disabled persons gathered in the Paul VI Hall ahead of his Wednesday General Audience.

The group followed his Audience from within the air conditioned audience hall to stay out of the sweltering Roman heat, to which the Pope alluded in a short address to them, saying it would be “like a Turkish bath out there today”.

Thanking them for coming, the Holy Father invited the group to listen to his words “with a heart united to those in [St. Peter’s] Square” where his Audience was held.

He said the Church is like this because it is united by the Holy Spirit, with “one group here and another there, but all are united.”

Before exiting to hold his General Audience, Pope Francis prayed the Our Father and Hail Mary and gave his blessing to his special guests.

(from Vatican Radio)

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Pope Francis blesses the sick following Mass in Fatima

(Vatican Radio) At the conclusion of the Mass in Fatima, after a period of Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament, Pope Francis gave a special blessing to the sick, who had come to the Shrine to pray to Our Lady.

Following the blessing, the Holy Father greeted the sick, reminding them that “whenever we experience a cross,” Jesus “has already been there ahead of us.” He continued, “In His passion, He took upon Himself all our suffering.  Jesus knows the meaning of sorrow and pain.  He understands us, He comforts us and He gives us strength, as He did to Saint Francisco Marto and Saint Jacinta, and to the saints of every time and place.”

Pope Francis called on those suffering from illnesses to live their lives as a gift: “Like the shepherd children, tell Our Lady that you want to offer yourselves to God with all your heart.”

Below, please find the full text of Pope Francis’ remarks:

Greeting of His Holiness Pope Francis to the Sick
Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

 13 May 2017

Dear brothers and sisters who are sick,

As I said in the homily, the Lord always goes before us.  Whenever we experience a cross, he has already been there ahead of us.  In his passion, he took upon himself all our suffering.  Jesus knows the meaning of sorrow and pain.  He understands us, he comforts us and he gives us strength, as he did to Saint Francisco Marto and Saint Jacinta, and to the saints of every time and place.  I think of the Apostle Peter, in chains in the prison of Jerusalem, as the whole Church prayed for him.  The Lord comforted Peter.  That is the Church’s ministry: the Church asks the Lord to comfort the afflicted like yourselves, and he comforts you, even in ways you cannot see.  He comforts you in the depths of your hearts and he comforts you with the gift of strength.

Dear pilgrims, we have before us Jesus hidden yet present in the Eucharist, just as we have Jesus hidden yet present in the wounds of our brothers and sisters who are sick and suffering.  On the altar, we worship the flesh of Jesus; in these our brothers and sisters, we encounter the wounds of Jesus.  The Christian adores Jesus, the Christian seeks Jesus, the Christian can recognize the wounds of Jesus.  Today the Virgin Mary asks all of us the same question that, a hundred years ago, she asked the shepherd children: “Do you want to offer yourselves to God?”  Their answer – “Yes, we do!” – makes us able to understand and imitate their lives.  They lived life, with its share of joy and suffering, as an offering to the Lord.

I invite those of you who are sick to live your lives as a gift.  Like the shepherd children, tell Our Lady that you want to offer yourselves to God with all your heart.  Don’t think of yourselves simply as the recipients of charitable solidarity, but feel that you share fully in the Church’s life and mission.  Your silent presence, which is more eloquent than a flood of words, your prayers, the daily offering of your sufferings in union with those of Jesus crucified for the salvation of the world, the patient and even joyful acceptance of your condition – all these are a spiritual resource, an asset to every Christian community.  Do not be ashamed of being a precious treasure of the Church.

Jesus will pass close to you in the Blessed Sacrament as a sign of his closeness and love for you.  Entrust to him your sorrows, your sufferings, all your weariness.  Count on the prayer of the Church, which from every corner of the world rises up to heaven for you and with you.  God is our Father, and he will never forget you.

(from Vatican Radio)

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